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Global Banking & Finance Review Accepting Entries for Their Prestigious 10th Annual Awards

London, UK - Global Banking & Finance Review® invites Banks, Financial Organizations & Businesses across the globe to participate in its 10th annual awards program.



Over three million people read Global Banking & Finance Review annually, counting on us for our well-respected news, views, and analysis. This stretches across quite diverse areas touching on everything of solid importance in the extended international banking and financial spaces. A major highlight the platform delivers every year is the Global Banking & Finance Awards


In exciting news, we have recently announced that we are accepting entries for 2020’s awards and encourage interested parties to fill out a submission form on the platform’s official website. Entering is quick, easy, and completely free. By nominating, you stand to boost your company’s awareness, reputation, and leadership. Winning is universally considered a sign of quality for companies in the banking and financial world and is highly sought after.


“We are always excited for this time of year and getting to see who enters our Award competition,” Wanda Rich, Editor from Global Banking & Finance Review. “Every year more companies enter, and the competition becomes more and more competitive. Determining the top choices is something we take very seriously.”


The Awards reflect the innovation, achievement, strategy, progressive and inspirational changes taking place within the Global Financial community. The awards were created to recognize companies of all sizes which are prominent in particular areas of expertise and excellence within the financial world.


The entire Awards process from start to finish is free of charge. This includes nomination, selection and announcement of the winners on the website and on the print magazine.


The 2020 Awards are likely to be the most competitive yet, along with carrying the largest amount of recognition for winners.



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Rosloto Launches a New Product on the Japanese Market

Thanks to the development of modern technologies, the gaming business in Japan is developing rapidly. Rosloto has been cooperating with Japanese operators for many years. Dozens of successful projects are the result of this collaboration.

The company is following the development of modern trends. It offers an innovative solution for Japanese customers. A turnkey Bitcoin gaming resource will allow operators to expand their potential audiences. Novice and experienced businessmen have the opportunity to open online gaming in Nippon in the shortest possible time.

Crypto platforms are very popular in many countries of the world. The Japanese have long been using Bitcoin in their everyday life. Therefore, the launch of a crypto gambling project is an ideal variant for starting a profitable business. The new gambling format is characterized by many advantages. For example, players will be able to make incredibly small bets. Besides, the use of cryptocurrencies guarantees complete confidentiality as well as a high level of protection for financial transactions.

The launch of turnkey online gaming in Tokyo is a comprehensive service that includes many stages. The customers will receive not only vivid, up-to-date Bitcoin gaming resources from Rosloto, but also informational support and many other services (for example, selection of gambling software, development of advertising campaigns, technical support).

It is worth noting that the activities of Bitcoin projects do not contradict Japanese gaming legislation. Operators will be able to register their companies in jurisdictions with the most favourable tax conditions. The implementation of cryptocurrencies and advanced technologies in the gambling business in Japan is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to take leading positions in the local market.

'1929 Mask' Releases Anti Microbial Masks to Battle Coronavirus

Keenon Lee, leader of '1929 Mask Pte Ltd' announced this morning the manufacture and sale of 1929 Antimicrobial Face Masks to ease some of the global pressure created by the Coronavirus. With an increasing number of individuals affected by the virus, the product launch comes just in time.


Based in Singapore, 1929 Mask Pte Ltd produces masks for the global market. The company's products are reusable and antimicrobial. The mask comprises three layers with the outermost layer being water repellent, the center layer is antimicrobial, and the innermost layer is moisture wicking to keep the user comfortable. Each layer in the mask has undergone rigorous, individual testing and is certified safe and effective.


While it's common in some countries to observe individuals donning masks in public to protect against pathogens, those masks help little in a virus. "Those masks are not designed to keep out viral particles and they're not as fitted around the nose and cheeks," said Lee.


Most reusable masks available now are not tested and are little more than common dust masks used in the construction and other industries where airborne particulates are found. Lee noted some are using surgical masks because they are sick with a cold and they don't want to make others sick. "If you're sick, it's best not to go to public places. That's the time to stay at home," said Lee.


"The greatest way to prevent catching coronavirus, as well using a 1929 Branded Mask, is to delay any trips to places with known outbreaks," said Lee. "You can also wash your soap; avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, and avoid close contact with those who are sick."


Lee advised of five things people should remember:


1. Before putting on a mask, clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

2. Be sure to cover your mouth and nose with a mask.

3. Avoid touching the mask while using it; if you do, clean your hands.

4. Replace the mask with a new one as soon as it is damp and do not reuse single-use masks. Brand 1929 Microbial masks from 1929 Mask Pte Ltd are reusable.

5. To remove the mask: remove it from behind (do not touch the front of mask); discard in a closed bin; clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.



For more information, please contact Keenon at , or visit the company's official websites  

Asian Rock Singer AMEL D Succeed called as 'Alternative Rockstar' with 'Pride of Sacrifice'

In the wake of the success of his previous singles 'Inside Destruction' and 'I'm Your Rain', which together have totaled over 1 million streams between Spotify and Youtube, the young and talented Asian singer Amel D returns with a new number exquisitely rooted in the sounds of alternative rock.



The success of Amel D continues to grow, and with it also her artistic maturity grows, as evidenced by her latest release 'Pride of Sacrifice', a new single in which the artist not only exhibits once again all the scratching and energetically permeating force of her vocal timbre, but which allows her to set up an exquisite expressive combination that with evolutionary dynamics exquisitely supports and articulates the theme of the song.


Filled with the sense of frustration we suffer when we are not appreciated by our loved one, the plot of 'Pride of Sacrifice' leads to a tumultuous outburst of anger, providing an invaluable hook to anyone who has suffered from emotional experiences of this type. Through parables that alternate between candid reflective parentheses, growing edifying awareness, and explosive liberating declarations, this guitar-driven song is a fresh boost of vitality. Between bitterness, the need to be loved, and the desire to move forward, this piece contains all the value and the weight, the importance and the meaning belonging to the two words, pride and sacrifice, that form the title.


The expressive and engaging power that Amel D exhibits with 'Pride of Sacrifice' sanctions how much this young artist has now left behind a past marked by bullying and a radical stylistic change. If you try to picture her near future, you can see an open book full of blank pages that Amel D will have no problem filling with many new passionate and engrossing narratives. She has already shown she has the talent to do it. Now she also shows she doesn't lack the inner strength either.


'Pride of Sacrifice' is already available on Amel D website, and will be available on all the major digital platforms from March 2020.


The song is accompanied by an official black and white animated lyric video, already available on Youtube [here], which in the first hours of its publication has already totaled more than thousands views.



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BetFame Professional Predictions Start-up Transforming the Industry

Hong Kong - Soccer is, by a large margin, the most-watched sport in the world. The game also has the highest number of individuals backed on their favourite teams to score a goal, get a set piece, or win the match. Like a chain reaction, this has led to the rise of many prediction sites.

Unknown to a lot of betters, understanding the rules of the game doesn't guarantee that they successfully predicting the game. Taking a piece of advice from Simon Inglis, who has recorded a win rate of 18.5%, to successfully predicting a game depends not only on luck but skill and accurate information. So, tipping startups have started springing up and making their marks on the industry as the sport spread like wildfire.


A lot of these sites are free, and they are run by sports fanatics who love sharing soccer tips and their opinions to supporters of the game. But the problem is that many of the tips are impracticable and ridiculous—for example, a tipster predicting that Norwich City, a team sitting at the bottom of England's Premier League, will win the League.


Only a handful, like BetFame, provides value to its members.

BetFame is a betting tips startup that is home to the most respected tipsters in the world of soccer. The site is one of the first to transform the look of the soccer betting industry, offering complete coverage of live-odds, live-scores, and other resources that make it easier for members to win bets. This is the reason it was featured on Marketwatch.


Established in 2012, the goal of its founders was to make BetFame the world's most outstanding tipping marketplace. However, the site fully entered the market in 2015 after resolving financial issues. Contrary to the belief many people have about betting tips sites, BetFame is not a site to bet, wager, or gamble.


Betfame Professional Tipsters

As a tip trading site, BetFame's goal in 2013 was to recruit 300 professional tipsters for its members, an objective it has since achieved. The football fanatics are grouped into four categories: junior, senior, premium, and bundle tipsters. The class of tipsters available to a member depends on their subscription, but the top-performing ones in each category are made visible to everyone.


In 2011, Wilson Raj Perumal, a former footballer turned match-fixer, shocked the world when he revealed that he was actively involved in pulling the strings of football matches. According to him, from the bench, he was telling coaches who to field, and dictating the decisions of referees. After his arrest and conviction, a lot of attention was placed on betting tips sites. Many people believed that Perumal was the source of tips shared on such websites, which was why profit margins of betters skyrocketed during this period.

The information from BetFame's crop of tipsters is vetted so that punters can monitor and compare live scores and odds with purchased tips. Also, all tips from tipsters cannot be revealed or edited, unlike in many other soccer betting platforms. Even though the site seeks to provide tips that are useful to its members in winning bets, BetFame has only legitimate tipsters.

The site also does not encourage, condone, or support the use of match-winning information gotten from its tipsters for illegal gambling.


Betfame Featured Tools

BetFame provides live scores, results, match previews, analysis, and predictions on 99% of matches televised for its members. The platform also has performance trackers like graphs, records tables, and statistics that its members can grasp at a glance. In its bid to provide the best user experience among other tip betting sites.


BetFame has Android and iOS apps, where all these pieces of information are displayed in a user-friendly way. This means that they can get notifications anytime a tipster submits a tip with the betting tips sites on their fingertips.


Betfame Promotions

BetFame is all in for maximum user satisfaction, which is why it offers promotions and bonuses to them. As one of the benefits of online betting, BetFame's tipsters will point of not only where you should put your money and how much of it to stake.


One of BetFame's promotions offers extra credits to betters. For example, by using the 50CREDIT code, BetFame members can get up to $2500 extra credits. This is a limited offer that is only available to members who make credit pack purchases. Another offer the betting site has for its members is the Saturday bonus, where members can get up to $100 discount by using SAT100 in the credit pack purchase.


Apart from its bonuses and promotions, BetFame also has free soccer tips, where first-timers and visitors can get game-winning information from junior tipsters. BetFame members are not permitted to share these tips with others so that the game's odds don't drop excessively.

As one of the forerunners in its industry, BetFame has the best guarantee system for betters. Unlike other sites where punters bear the loss of wrong information they are fed with, BetFame offers a 100% guarantee on the tips members get from tipsters. This means that they will get all the credits refunded in their account after purchasing a tip that makes them lose a bet.


BetFame is also strict on its privacy policies. So, even as email is used to create and activate an account, purchased tips will not be sent to the email address. Instead, they'll only be available on the dashboard after login into the portal. The site also uses secure payment methods (Skrill and PayPal) so that the financial information of members doesn't get into the wrong hands.

The site is a fast-moving tip-betting company, and its focus on innovation and technology has made it the premium partner for punters and soccer fanatics. The site provides fixed odds, correct scores, total goals, and Asian handicap based on pre-match, full-time or half-time results.


It is the platform that does all the hard work of tracking and collecting stats for its members, who have to sit back and enjoy the profits.
Soccer fans cannot ask for a more professional and customer-focused site in the world than BetFame.


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